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Edges2cats ,

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I could spend hours. #edges2cats #TensorFlow Citizen Drain (@Citizen_Drain).... edges2cats is very cool! I'd like to port it to deeplearn.js. I tried pix2pix-tensorflow and trained the facades dataset(The pre-trained model from.... edges2cats is an enjoyable fun playtoy by which you design out the format of the pet then view in shock (or .... edges2cats. Trained on about 2k stock cat photos and edges automatically generated from those photos. Generates cat-colored objects, some.... Samples that convert graffiti into cat images with edges 2 cats are. ... I am the author of edges2catsChristopher HesseHere is the image that Mr.. #edges2cats. Christopher Hesse trained our model on converting edge maps to photos of cats, and included this in his interactive demo. Apparently, this is what.... Drawing robot cats with edges2cats (pix2pix) sketching app. In this video I'll show you how to draw the .... The machine knows what cat parts are and knows where they go, and can glue them together to fit drawings of cats that you provide. Whether.... Anyone can have a go for free on Edges2cats, and the results are varied. Some are surprisingly realistic. Others are hellish nightmare fuel.. Edges2cats is the brainkitten of programmer Christopher Hesse, who released it a few days ago, along with similar programs edges2shoes.... Edges2Cats is an image-to-image tool which uses a neural network of stock images to turn line drawings into pictures of cats.. edges 2 cats. Takes you drawing and turns it into a cat(sort of) Image-to-Image Demo - Affine Layer pix2pix.png. If we knew what it was we.... I'm referring to edges2cats, which turned any line drawing into a cat. Discussion. Would you recommend this product?. We could imagine they would look something like these. Image-to-Image translation called #edges2cats using #pix2pix model you can try for yourself at.... February 22, 2017. edges2cats [browser]. Not a game but a fun webtoy that is all over my twitter timeline today: edges2cats by Christopher Hesse. Sketch a cat.... edges2cats is a fun interactive playtoy in which you sketch out the outline of a cat then watch in awe (or horror) as it auto-generates a full picture - often.. edges2cats uses a computer neural network trained on stock images of cats to turn simple line drawings into photorealistic feline images. The tool does an impressive job of turning simple drawings of cats into something that resembles the real thing, but it will process any input .... One specific variant of the tool is called edges2cats, and it transforms your cute kitty doodles into some really disturbing critters. After you submit.... edges2cats is an addictive interactive playtoy in which you sketch out the outline of a cat then watch in awe (or horror) as it auto-generates a fully fleshed out.... Using Google's open-source machine-learning project called Tensorflow, Christopher Hesse created edges2cats, where you draw a design...


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